Any parent with a young child knows how difficult it can be to get a good night's sleep. Your child can come in at any time and wake you up asking if it's time to get up. Now there's a remedy -- Stoplight Nanny.

Stoplight Nanny uses the colors of the stoplight to silently indicate when it's ok to get up. Red, stay in bed. Green, get up. Optional yellow, it's ok to be up, but quiet. A great feature of Stoplight Nanny is that it doesn't make a sound, so it will never wake a sleeping child. Stoplight Nanny is easy to use -- ideal for use in a dark room when you're tired. Set the alarms on one screen with just a few touches. Adjust the clock brightness quickly on the clock face. Tap alarm indicators to recall alarm times. Stoplight Nanny was developed out of necessity. It worked with my children and I am confident it will work with yours. Get that good night's sleep you deserve. Stoplight Nanny is also a great help for timeouts and can be used as a silent timer. It's also ideal for those with special needs that are unable to tell time. If you leave the iOS device on all night, a charger is probably a good idea.

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